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Welcome to a linguistic and cultural exchange space

If you like this you can join our bazar and see the different possibilities it offers.

Here are some of the choices you can make:

Would you like to practise another language with a visitor in your own city? You can tour her/him around the city and practice his/her language

You will be a HOST+ info

Would you like to discover other cities and be received in your language ? You will discover the city with a host

You will be a TRAVELER + info

Would you like to practise another language with people from your own city? You can perform linguistic and cultural exchanges

You will be a SPEAKER+ info

Would you like to practise a foreign language from your own home? You can perform linguistic and cultural exchanges

You’ll be an ON-LINE SPEAKER+ info

  • You have to register by filling in THIS REGISTRATION FORM to join
  • You’ll be able to access a network of people from different countries
    with interests similar to yours and with whom you can share linguistic or cultural experiences, even share a tour to some place of your choice.

  • You may register in several options simultaneously.
  • For more information, please look up in HOW IT WORKS and FAQS.


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[By being a host you can offer travellers a visit closer to their tastes and interests while practising languages and improving your knowledge of other cultures.]

[Being a host doesn´t mean that you have to put them up or be with the visitors throughout their stay]

[By being a visitor you can be received by someone who will be your host and will offer you an approach to the city according to the likes and interests you may share.

You can get to know the town through your host suggestions, with whom you can make convenient arrangements for both of you]

[Please note that you should not expect lodgings or a guided tour from your host]

[By being an on-line speaker you can practise foreign languages through written or spoken conversation (e-mail, social networks chat, Skype or any other means you find suits you best)]
[If you enjoy talking you can practise a foreign language in your own surroundings, without even leaving your town]